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Was Chatsworth Park Near Sheffiled the Home of Landscape Gardeners?


Landscape Gardening… the professional way

If Great Britain is the home of landscape gardening then Lancelot ‘capability’ Brown is surely the father and Chatsworth park, some 11 miles from Sheffield is the prime example although lovers of Sheffield Park in Sussex, another Capability Brown project, may disagree mulch delivery cumming
. Noted as both a gardener and architect, his gardens quickly became highly prestigious and landscape gardening became highly fashionable. He rejected the formal geometric style of gardening favoured by his predecessors for a more natural approach and in and age without planning regulations the ‘world was his oyster’. He is credited with designing over 100 landscaped parks and his client list included Prime Ministers and royalty aplenty.

Brown was keen to wipe out formality in gardens but was better known for rearranging parklands to enhance nature. His foresight was exceptional as the beauty of the landscapes he created could only be fully appreciated years after his death. Brown was responsible for actually diverting a river on the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire and demolishing the village of Edensor, (save for one property which remains to this day) because it was in direct line of sight from the house and ‘offended the eye’. The houses in Edensor were rebuilt in picturesque pattern-book styles in a nearby location.

Landscape gardening in the 1800s was clearly a ‘big scale’ activity but in the present day a similar amount of thought and attention is necessary in order to achieve optimum results… thought and attention combined with expertise that can only be achieved through experience.

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