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A Review Of The Pool Ball Holder And Novelty Clocks


If you have a pool room or are the boss of a pool hall, there is nothing more classy than the Pool Ball Holder and Novelty Clock. This apparatus it the perfect piece of hanging wall furniture that you need to make your personal pool room complete or to add that jazzy and classic touch to a pool hall.

Many personal pool rooms lack character but this ball rack and clock will illuminate your personal pool room with pool shark personality. In pool halls, many have a sleazy reputation. It is not necessarily its fault that it has required this reputation, so if you are looking to open the doors to new clientele and to turn your pool halls image around this pool rack and clock could do just the trick.

Description of the Quartz Clock

The quartz clock that is centered at the top of the rock is made of solid, genuine wood with green felt. The green felt is the perfect touch to this pool room classic. Although the wood is not mahogany, it certainly gives off that look since the wood has gone through a dark stain finish process and polished to look its best. The quartz clock does not come with hardware to hang it and it operates on Double A batteries, which are not included.

Description of the Rack

The pool rack is perfect because you will not have pool supplies all over your personal pool room or pool hall. There is a spot for everything. The rack comes with a space for the 16 billiard balls, which also includes the cue ball and the breaking ball. For convenience and safety, the shelves are indented so that the billiard balls do not go flying and are kept in place.

The rack also has extra room for those who have additional billiard balls like for Nine Ball and Snooker. The rack has the following measurements: 14w by 17.5h by 3.25d inches. This billiard ball rack does not need to be mounted as it is a free standing shelf system that you can fit anywhere in your personal pool room or pool hall for convenience.

Combination of the Pool Ball Holder and Novelty Clock

You can place the quartz clock anywhere you like since it is detachable, but it looks the most classy when it is centered at the top of the rack. It gives the piece a defining touch. Plus you will always be able to keep track of how long you have been playing for.
This incredible combo sells for normally $55.

However, if you are looking to purchase the Pool Ball Holder and Novelty Clock online you can pick it up via the internet and this luxury will only cost you a low $33. You save a whopping 39 percent. Now that’s a sure bet! If you want to add style and class to your personal pool room or pool hall, you know what you need to make your collection complete.

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