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Learn How To Give Head Like A Pornstar!


Giving oral sex is one of the most important aspects when it comes to intimacy in bed. It is so important, that many men prefer getting a blow job over sex itself. You can clearly see that it is important to be good at giving head. You females will know that when a guy goes down on you, it may be one of the best feelings in the world. And when you get a guy that knows what he is doing, you want to keep him forever Eva Notty.

This is the kind of skill you want to have so you can please your man. Keeping your sexual relationship healthy is extremely important to living longer and being happy. There are many different tips on how to give head on the internet. I’m going to discuss some of the more basic ones. Although basic, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read about them! They are fundamental skills that you must do if you want to please your man.

The first thing you want to do is use a lot of saliva. You want to try to get as much of his penis in your mouth as possible. You want to suck in and out and try to copy the same motion as having his penis going in and out of a vagina. Make sure you do not use your teeth! This is very painful and an erection killer.

You want to also “play” with his penis as well. Don’t just suck on it and that is all. Oral sex is just like regular sex, in the sense that it can be as fun and intimate as you wish. You don’t want to give him head like you are a robot. Make noises, moan, and give him those bedroom eyes.

When you begin giving him a blow job, it is a good idea to “build him up” a little bit. Don’t just begin giving him head straight away. You want to lick around his penis and then lick parts of his penis first. You can also kiss it and play with his balls. Remember to use a lot of spit and saliva. By teasing his cock a lot, you will give him a longer and harder erection. He will absolutely enjoy this.

Make sure to use your hands! You want to touch the rest of his body periodically while giving him head. You also want to stroke his penis while you suck it. You can do it in many ways. You could suck and stroke in unison or you can also give it a little twisty motion while you suck on it. Don’t twist too much, as this will be painful!

There are many other tips on how to give head. The ones I talk about here are relatively basic concepts, but absolutely essential. Giving head is not a hugely difficult task. Many people do not know how to perform oral sex properly because they do not have a lot of partners to “practice” with. Also, many guys will not tell you that your blow jobs suck. They know it is embarrassing to be bad at it, and you both are getting a sexual experience together. It’s better not to ruin that. But you can increase your blow job skills immediately. This is an easy skill to learn. A man’s penis is very sensitive and any type of stroking and sucking will stimulate it. It will also feel good. But this doesn’t mean any stroking and sucking is good enough. You want to make sure you do a great job. Again, this will go a long way to ensuring a healthy and lengthy relationship.

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