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What Is Ostendo for MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero?


MYOB, Quickbooks and also Xero are excellent bookkeeping programs as in they Provide the required transactional processing and taxation coverage – nevertheless they generally just handle the monetary requirements of a firm where alternatively that the operational requirements of your firm in many cases are managed in distinct software such as spread sheets and other data bases Xero Accountant.

What companies genuinely desire is your Centralised direction of business data, both operational and financial – as an instance, many organizations with numerous sales staff realize that every product sales resource has an alternative sampling method plus so they save their quotes as mails or text records and after weekly may possibly put them to a CRM for its product sales meeting. Out of this sale might well not come off, nevertheless that lead or contact remains the ‘land’ of this earnings man to following up. The matter here is that direction discover that it’s rather tough to predict sales accurately and more significantly quantify performance of sales staff and advertising and marketing campaigns. Together with Ostendo, the sales man could keep their high-value format (and generate into Ostendo as an reporting output) nevertheless they input your customer and quotation details in to the system once just and then should the purchase move there’s not any double/triple management of data since it only flows throughout the earnings work flow to invoice/picking and followup tasks generated.

Ostendo is a program which bolts on MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero which Delivers the next in Built elements;

– project estimates
– project templates
– job in advance coverage
– project development reporting
– Time-sheets to tasks
– project calendar / program

– kits, bill of substances
– manufacturing dictates
– ability likely
– habit goods

– guide


– Outlook integration
– Operations Centre because of direction
– Work-flow
– deadline
– second activity / actions

Advanced Stock Control
– serialisation, batches
– multiple inventory places & Cabinets
– Farmers inventory
– color / size / design
– importing & landed price direction
– based multi-currency
– pricing principles (amount, promotional, contract, reductions)
– leases & hirings

Telephone Centre & Servicing
– support occupations
– client advantage monitoring
– support level arrangements
– support background
– telephone logging, job monitoring, knowledge foundation

Point of Sale
– post-code tracking
– purchase parking
– barcode scanning
– lay bys
– coupons
– till stall controls, ending of afternoon…

As Ostendo is a addon, you maintain paying creditors, even producing BAS invoices, paying salary and also managing your overall ledger via your bookkeeping system, but everything else is managed within Ostendo.

Around Xero Inside out and specialise in administrative options for Feel free to telephone the staff About 1300 1ADMIN to talk about your requirements and also to see whether we will help You facilitate the load of one’s enterprise bookkeeping and administration Software programs.

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