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The Truth About Beauty


Why this fascination with beauty?

The demand for beauty services despite the market?

Even if there’s a recession, beauty parlours still flourish. Beauty products still fly off the shelves.

There’s this saying that beauty is skin deep.

Then again, first impressions count.

Put it this way. Beauty is power. This was true centuries past. That’s true now.

When a gorgeous girl walks into a pub, guys flock to her and offer to buy her drinks. As soon as an unpleasant woman walks to precisely the exact same bar, odds are, she’d need to buy her own drinks.

A gorgeous salesperson, woman or man is far more likely to win the purchase. Between a gorgeous job seeker and an unattractive person, all other things being equal, the company is very likely to pick the fantastic looker.

Like it or not, looks do count.

Before, when girls were dependent on men to encourage them, attractiveness was all to a girl. A gorgeous girl could have more suitors. She’d have the ability to wed. To marry a wealthy man who could look after all of her financial needs and that of her kids. Long before commercial makeup existed, moms would instruct their wives on conventional beauty treatments. Simple beauty treatments such as using carrot as a moisturizer, or egg as a firming mask were frequently employed by women in the days prior to commercial makeup.

Then along came girls entrepreneurs such as Estee Lauder and other girls from all over the world. They shifted traditional beauty recipes that worked for themselves to beauty lotions they offered to other ladies. Every girl has the right to look her most beautiful and these girls were promoting others their beauty secrets.

Make up was used to paint women’s faces. In Egypt, the nobles, off the well will paint their eyes khol, together with smashed beetles and exotic components. In Europe, girls would paint their faces make up containing poisonous mercury to the sake of beauty. In Japan, the geishas would whiten their faces lotions which have nightingale droppings.

You’d think by now, we modern women would have learnt our lesson. We simply inject poison to our faces to paralyze our facial muscles so as to stop expression lines out of deepening as we grow old. Consider those botox shots performed every 3 months to eliminate those wrinkles. Consider the acids we smear on our faces to smoothen them. The dermabrasion procedures done in the dermatologist so as to smoothen our epidermis Lash extensions.

Girls all around the world have consistently been ready to endure for the sake of beauty. Long ago, in China, women in wealthy households would bind their toes. Even the Chinese back then see tiny feet too beautiful, so small women have their feet bound, to keep them from growing large and nasty. Now extended legs are thought to be amazing, some girls undergo a really painful medical process that divides their thighs, and stretches their thighs with a few millimeters each day through a debilitating apparatus till they achieve the height they desire. With their newfound elevation, these women can look ahead to some rich, glamorous future as an global model.

Back in Europe, centuries past, wasp waists and curvy bodies have been believed beautiful, therefore corsets were worn to make the waist look smaller. All these were tied so closely that girls faint easily. All for the sake of beauty. Today, corsets are in again. Today, men and women subject themselves to operation to achieve the beauty they want. Liposuction to remove the extra fat to shape the body. Breast augmentation for larger breasts which are deemed beautiful. Nose jobs, face lifts, and the functions.

Luckily, there’s also a return to organic beauty treatments. This moment, commercial makeup utilize natural ingredients which girls have used for centuries at the house beauty preparations. These are powerful and good for your skin.

What we girls should do would be to concentrate on internal beauty, and also to keep ourselves healthy.
Wellness is beauty.

8 10 hours of sleep nightly, fresh food, fresh air, daily exercise, drinking lots of water daily, water and soap, or cleanser and toner, moisturizer where essential and sun protection daily. All that keeps your body healthy and your hair and skin, beautiful. Oh, and learn how to age gracefully. After all, aging is a natural process in lifestyle.

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